Going on a cruise can be a once in a lifetime experience, so you want it to be as stress free as possible. A no-fly cruise from the UK is a perfect way to enjoy your holiday from the moment you leave the house, with no airports to contend with, no luggage restrictions and no waiting to step on board and start your adventure.

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The beautiful White Cliffs of Dover

No baggage restrictions

Hands up who hates packing for a cruise? You’re visiting a range of ports in different locations and aren’t sure if the weather is going to play nice, or are travelling for a few weeks and would like to take a few more outfits than you would normally pack. But oh no! That pesky baggage limit for your flight is only 20KG and that will mean you can only pack one cocktail outfit and souvenirs are out the window as there’s no way you’ll be able to squeeze any more in your case! If this is you, then it might be time to consider a no-fly cruise from the UK.


One of the main benefits we hear from people who have already chosen to embark on a no-fly cruise is that there are no luggage restrictions. You can happily take as many cases as you like (within reason though - no one needs THAT many changes of clothes!), which is particularly helpful if you’re embarking on a month-long cruise around the Med in Spring, where the weather will be changeable and being able to pack that extra sweater and a warmer pair of shoes will be a God send. 

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No flying required 

OK, so, this sounds a little obvious, given that this article is about no-fly cruises, but one of the main benefits of this type of cruise holiday is the fact that it literally does what it says on the tin - you leave home, travel to your departure port and get on board. That’s it! No queuing at baggage control or fighting your way through crowds of people in the airport at the crack of sparrows, particularly important in this day and age, where reducing your contact with people for social distancing reasons is important to so many. 


As a cruise passenger, you’ll be given a time slot to arrive, eliminating the need to hang around with thousands of others when all you want to do is start enjoying your holiday. Not to mention the impact it can have on someone’s mental health if they are anxious around crowds or about flying, which sadly, can then completely affect the enjoyment of your holiday.

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Great for the environment

No-fly cruises offer you the opportunity to enjoy a guilt free holiday by reducing your impact on the planet. By opting for a no-fly cruise you’ll be helping to reduce your carbon footprint, and with so much focus on doing more for our planet, this has become a major selling point for this type of cruise. 


Some of the cruise lines offered by The Cruise Traveller are champions in offering environmentally friendly cruises, and if you choose to sail with the likes of Hurtigruten, you can enjoy a selected cruise from the UK and get involved in a range of conservation efforts, with on board auctions to raise money for clean up projects and global nature reserves.


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Reduced travel time

If you choose to embark on a no-fly cruise, one of the main benefits you’ll be able to enjoy will be the reduced travel time required to get from your front door to your cabin. And if you sail with the likes of Saga Cruises, you’ll have VIP door-to-door travel included in the cost of your fare. 


The majority of the UK population live within 100 miles of a major shipping port, about the same as an airport, but by removing the flight element of your holiday, your travel time will be significantly less, meaning you you’ll be able to get into your cabin, familiarise yourself with you ship and be unpacked with a gin and tonic in hand while sitting on deck in no time at all. 


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A wide range of choice

While no-fly cruises from the UK  have historically been reserved for British based cruise lines like Fred. Olsen and Saga, more and more players have joined the game, giving you an even wider range of choice when selecting your next cruise adventure. 


You can now easily find a two-week no-fly Med cruise with some of the biggest cruise lines in the industry. These include the likes of P&O Cruises and Royal Caribbean, who now frequently depart from the ports of Southampton and Dover, as well as some newer cruise lines, such as Trade Wind Voyages and Ambassador Cruise Lines, who have departures available from smaller UK ports including Harwich and Tilbury docks. You can even head off on a two-week transatlantic cruise to New York and back with the likes of Cunard

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