With many cruises including flights to port, a straight-to-ship alternative appeals to many. Especially when a whole host of cruise lines set sail directly from UK locations, including Southampton, Dover, Liverpool and more.

To help you decide on your next holiday, we’ve put together our top 6 reasons to go no-fly.


Skip the airport

Most travellers dread the stress of the airport, from checking in luggage to the long waits in queues. When boarding a no-fly cruise, it’s much more straightforward.

Prior to your journey, the cruise line will send you information about when to arrive, giving you a several-hour window so there’s no need to rush. Once you’re checked in and have your cruise card, you’ll follow signs or staff, or you’ll be directed to a comfortable waiting area with instructions on when to board. From there you’ll be cleared to board and guided to a gangway up to the ship. Your cruise card will likely be checked again, and then you’ll be ready to find your cabin or grab a drink and some lunch.


No need to check in luggage or consider weight

When boarding a cruise, there’s no need to check in your luggage, with a potential risk of it going missing.  Instead, you’ll be greeted by porters at the terminal who will take your larger bags for you, though you’re not required to hand them over. Another plus is not needing to worry about its weight – you can pack as little or as much as you like!

Your luggage should arrive at your cabin by dinnertime, so we suggest packing your immediate essentials such as swimming costume, change of clothes or any important items (e.g. ID or medical) with you in a smaller bag.


Start your journey sooner

With so many options as to where to port, there’s less time travelling, and more time to relax. Plus, many of the UK ports offer great attractions and things to do before you board. If boarding from Southampton, here’s some of our top things to see and do while in port.

For the ultimate stress-free getaway, consider booking a hotel nearby for the night before, allowing you to unwind and feel refreshed before boarding.


Fear of flying? No problem

You’re not alone in being cautious about flying. It’s estimated that 40% of people in the UK would rather avoid flights all together. With the no-fly option, you’re put at ease.


Great option with kids

Sometimes the little ones find it tiring travelling to and from location, especially if that’s combined with long airport waits and flights. Skip the tantrums and let them have fun sooner.

For the extra little ones, there is further support. Prior to starting the cruise you’re given a window of several hours in which you can arrive, so if you’re concerned about feed and nap times, it’s easier to plan ahead.


Our top no-fly locations

There’s so many beautiful places you can visit on a no-fly cruise, including Iceland, the Azores, the Norwegian Fjords, Canary Islands, Caribbean and more.


Cruise lines offering no-fly options

P&O Cruises, Cunard, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Ambassador Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.


Cruising from Southampton? Check out the top things to see and do while in port here.