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Taking a cruise allows you to immerse yourself in many destinations in just one holiday. 

Wake up to a new view every day, whether this is the blue skies and white sands of the Caribbean, the breath-taking Norwegian Fjords, the historical temples & pagoda's of Asia or the glaciers and wildlife of Alaska to name but a few.

We've got cruise deals to every destination, with offers available with all of your favourite cruise lines.

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Spotlight on the British Isles

British Isles Cruises allow you to experience so many places in the UK on one holiday.

There are so many beautiful places to discover in the United Kingdom, from the beautiful Shetland Islands & the enchanting lochs of Scotland to the vibrant city cultures of Liverpool & Belfast, there is something for everyone.

 Why not step onboard a luxury cruise ship in 2022, and experience the British Isles like never before.  Admire the changing views from rugged coastlines to beautiful coves.

Spotlight on the Caribbean

The Caribbean is best known for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches - but there is so much more to discover.

Home to 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Caribbean offers it's visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and history of this stunning region.  Visit the Historic Naval  Dockyard in Antigua, the twin peaks of the Pitons in St. Lucia or the Blue and John Crow Mountains in Jamaica to name a few.

For the more adventurous, why not kayak in the Bon Accord Lagoon in Tobago, Snorkel in Grenada or swim beneath a cascading waterfall in Dominica.  The choices are endless, with something for everyone.


The beautiful landscapes of Africa greet you as you sail in on your cruise


Vast savanna’s, wild nature, exotic climate and diverse culture all combine to make Africa a unique cruise holiday destination.
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Discover more of the world for less on an around the world cruise

Around the World

Unpack once and embark on a journey of discovery to experience true culture and destination immersion on a round the world cruise.

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Explore the fascinating cultures of Asia with our Asia cruise deals


Fascinating culture, ancient traditions, modern architecture and incredible cuisine all come together to make Asia one of the most popular cruise destinations.

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See Sydney Opera House on a cruise to Australasia


From the natural wonder of the Great Barrier Reef and the architectural masterpiece of the Sydney Opera House in Australia to the soaring peaks, rugged coastline and picturesque scenery of the winelands in New Zealand, Australasia will definitely impress every visitor.



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Discover St. Catherine's Palace with our Baltic cruise deals


Rich culture, fascinating history and captivating architecture await you on a cruise to the Baltic capitals

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Visit Varna on a Black Sea cruise

Black Sea

Culture, cuisine & history await you on a Black Sea cruise.

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There's no place like home! Sail the beautiful UK coastline on a cruise of the British Isles

British Isles

With so much to discover right on your doorstep, a cruise around the British Isles is the perfect way to see everything our majestic isles have to offer

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See the stunning landscapes of Canada with our Canada cruise deals


More than the gateway to Alaska, with its rugged mountain peaks, and cosmopolitan cities, there's so much to see and do on a cruise to Canada

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Sail the Canaries all year round on a spectacular Canary Island cruise

Canary Islands & Azores

Year round warm climate, relaxing beaches and quaint markets, what’s not to love about a Canary Island cruise?

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Walk along pristine beaches and witness sunsets to die for on a Caribbean cruise


Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze…a Caribbean cruise has it all

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See Mayan ruins on a cruise to Central America

Central America

Tropical jungles, colonial architecture and historical Mayan ruins will greet on a cruise in Central America.

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Visit some of the oldest temples in the world on a cruise to the Far East cruise

Far East

Ancient cultures, tantalising cuisine, vibrant cityscapes & abundant wildlife and nature combine to offer you the most immersive holiday experience on a cruise to the Far East 

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Follow in the footsteps of Darwin on a cruise around the Galapagos


A true paradise for those with an interest in the natural world, the Galapagos Islands offer the opportunity to experience wildlife you won't encounter anywhere else in the world, from the be the Galapagos giant tortoise, to the blue-footed boobie. 

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Sail towards the white washed buildings and bright blue domes of Santorini of a cruises of Greek Isles

Greek Isles

Iconic blue rooftops, pristine white washed walls, idyllic beaches, awe inspiring sunsets and ancient history all await you on a Greek Isles cruise.

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Enjoy the island life on a cruise to Hawaii


A plethora of world class beaches, lush tropical forests and wildlife and the Aloha spirit, there's so much to look forward to on a cruise to Hawaii

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Head to the land of the midnight sun on a cruise to Iceland


Fjords, waterfalls, wildlife and volcanoes all await you on a cruise to Iceland.

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The exotic beaches await you on a cruise to the Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Unspoilt islands, enchanting mangroves and turquoise waters, when you hear the term 'paradise' we challenge you not to think of a cruise to the Indian Ocean

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The colourful architecture of Spain awaits you on a Mediterranean cruise


Perfect for those who want to see it all, no other holiday offers as much cultural variety as a cruise around the Meditarranean. With so much to see and do, there really is something for everyone.

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The beaches of Tulum await you on a cruise to Mexico


From the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez, to the pearly white sands of the Gulf of Mexico, whether you prefer lazy days with margaritas on the beach or you would rather dive into the rich culture of this historical setting, there's a little magic for everyone on a cruise in Mexico
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Visit Dubai on a cruise to the Middle East

Middle East

Indulge in the holiday of a lifetime with a journey across the exotic seascapes of the Middle East on a cruise. 

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White sandy beaches and delicious cusine await you on a cruise to North America

North America

The North American continent is famous for being packed full of sights to see from coast to coast. Whether you'd rather gaze at the northern lights off the coast of the Alaskan Fjords or you'd rather put your feet up on the pearlescent sandy beaches of Miami, North American cruises have it all.

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Visit Bruges on a cruise of Northern Europe

Northern Europe

Whether it's the natural beauty of the Norwegian Fjords or the intricate sprawling cityscapes of port towns such as Amsterdam, St Petersburg or Stockholm, a cruise to Northern Europe will be packed full of sights to see and cultures to experience. 

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Marvel at the stunning landscapes of the northern hemisphere on a cruise to Norway and the fjords

Norway & Fjords

The Norwegian fjords offer an aspect of natural beauty that you’ll find nowhere else in the world. What better way to experience them than on a cruise to Norway where you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to take it all in.

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Sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific on a cruise through the Panama Canal

Panama Canal

Looking for a flavour of Central America? This man-made wonder will take you through the heart of Latin-American culture, with opportunities to be combined with stops in Mexico, Costa Rica and other destinations such as the Caribbean on a cruise of Panama Canal.

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Marvel at nature in all her glory on a cruise to the Polar Regions

Polar Regions

Looking for a holiday with a difference? A cruise around the Polar regions, whether that be the Arctic or Antarctica, is unlike anywhere else in the world.

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Visit Rio de Janeiro on a cruise in South America

South America

Visit the vast and beautiful continent of South America, famous for it's unmatched natural landscapes, world renowned cuisine and an endless source of Latin American culture. From wonders of the world hidden away on mountaintops, like the famous Machu Picchu, to the pale blue waters and golden sands of beaches such as Copacabana, South America is one of the most diverse destinations on your bucket list.

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Bask in a moment of unrivalled glory as your sail into New York on a Transatlantic cruise

Transatlantic cruises

If you’re looking for a holiday to remember, look no further than a Transatlantic cruise. With so many amazing destinations and itineraries available, a Transatlantic cruise is the ultimate adventure, and the best way to experience everything that a cruise has to offer.

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