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Visit Bruges on a cruise of Northern Europe

Northern Europe

Whether it's the natural beauty of the Norwegian Fjords or the intricate sprawling cityscapes of port towns such as Amsterdam, St Petersburg or Stockholm, a cruise to Northern Europe will be packed full of sights to see and cultures to experience. 

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Why choose a cruise to Northern Europe?
A cruise to Northern Europe is perfect for those interested in the deep and varied cultural behemoths that can be found there. Those with an interest in history will find themselves lost in cities and towns that date back hundreds and thousands of years, all with their own unique characters and not so subtle differences. There's also no shortage of natural beauty, especially if you pick a cruise that journeys into the mountain landscapes of the Norweigan Fjords.
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Stopping off in St Petersburg? Why not visit the Winter Palace, one of the most iconic examples of 18th century Russian architecture. Described as one of the greatest royal residences in the world, walk in the footsteps of Russian Emperors past as you explore everything that the palace has to offer.